Circolare is the third edition of the

festival Rigenera

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Rigenera is a contemporary architecture festival that is meant to envision the city, the community, people, professionals and citizens in a circular way

The Rigenera Festival has always set itself the goal of making the community aware of the three key principles of the
New European Bauhaus: beauty, inclusion and sustainability. An architecture that is able to welcome and bind to other disciplines, becoming regenerative architecture, a mirror of cultural reality. But also a tool that contributes to changing social reality: adaptable and transformable for use, shared in its conception and management, humble because it is approached with an attitude of sharing and therefore highly inclusive. Contemporary architecture can be seen and conceived as an activator of processes that cyclically generate a continuous rebirth of contexts rich in inclusion, beauty and sustainability.

EmiliaRomagna0023 | contemporary architecture guide

A scientific committee composed of the Presidents of the PPC Orders of Architects of Emilia-Romagna, together with the authors and working groups for each provin-ce, selected, although inevitably omitting some, 183 architectural works built after 2000, to create a Guide to Contemporary Architecture of the region. The guide is organized by province for ease of reading and visiting. It offers a view of a region at the forefront in many sectors, where architecture has been interpreted pragmatically. Exploring these examples can serve as inspiration for regenerating cities and landscape, and can help educate people about different visions and the importance of contemporary architecture, as well as history, to their identity. The 183 works are classified according to beauty, sustainability and inclusivity, reflecting the principles of the New European Bauhaus. This Guide is intended to be a companion for exploring the region and viewing it through a forward-looking lens, and it is written in a natural and accessible style.


The AER, Emilia-Romagna Architecture Prize, created by the Order of Architects P.P.C. of the Region with the objective of recognizing and showcasing those works that best represent the territory’s contemporary architecture. The competition will be held in the occasion of the Rigenera Festival- Circolare, winner of the public competition  Architecture Festival – 2nd Edition, promoted by the Contemporary Creativity Directorate General of the Ministry of Culture. The concourse aims at promoting the architectural discipline in its social dimension and as the art of enabling people to live a certain way, by thoughtfully projecting the city and the environment. In the spirit of Rigenera Festival-Circolare, tomorrow’s architecture will have to be conceived to think, regenerate and dispense while protecting the planet and its inhabitants. The AER prize is opened to the architecture and restoration works, for interior and public areas that are realized within the Emilia Romagna region.

La città che vorrei
The city I want

Sustainable, inclusive, blue, beautiful or colourful. How would you like your city? This is the question that the Rigenera – Circolare poses to architecture professionals and all citizens. The first step to take to design a better future, suitable for all the people who animate our urban communities, is in fact to imagine and share hopes and dreams. The image of a place, that of cities, that we would like to live in order to be happy. The results are collected on the Rigenera website and shared with the public, in memory of the Circular experience.


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